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Small and medium-sized steam turbines should adopt digital electro-hydraulic adjustment system

In order to further improve the control accuracy and performance of the small and medium-sized steam turbine regulating system, a digital electro-hydraulic regulating system should be adopted, combined with a new working fluid and oil supply system. Through the use of digital electro-hydraulic adjustment system of high-pressure anti-wear hydraulic oil, it makes up for the lack of precision and repeatability of the hydraulic adjustment system in the setting parameters. In terms of system dynamic response and control accuracy, it is compared with ordinary low-pressure turbine oil digital electric Compared with the liquid regulating system, it can improve the control level of the digital electro-hydraulic regulating system for small and medium-sized steam turbines in the future promotion and application.

As power plants put forward higher requirements for power quality, it is important to improve the level of small and medium-sized steam turbine control systems. In addition to the specific flow-through scheme designed for the use parameters proposed by the power plant, the electro-hydraulic control system for small and medium-sized steam turbines with pure electric control with good control performance, high control precision and high degree of automation has become a suitable configuration for better performance. The technical advantages of the steam turbine unit.

The N15-6.4//450 type condensing steam turbine unit is a 6000 r/min single-cylinder high-speed quick-loading steam turbine unit. The rear end of the steam turbine rotor is connected to the reduction gear box through the diaphragm coupling, and then drives 3000 r/min. Generator power generation. The external system actuator is mainly composed of a main steam valve (critical shut-off valve), a regulating valve, three system unregulated extraction one-way shut-off valves and hydraulic parts such as oil-powered motives, etc., and the conventional valve and mainframe structure are extended. Under the premise of the model, these oil motives and hydraulic parts are replaced by high-pressure anti-wear hydraulic oil system by the conventional control oil system of conventional turbine oil, and the turbine safety oil (lubricating oil) is avoided in the structure arrangement of small and medium-sized steam turbines. Possible effects of mixing with high pressure fuel oil due to leakage.