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Dangers and consequences of excessive vibration of the unit

Drag the vibration of the unit

The stability of the turbine drive unit operation can be considered to a large extent by the vibration state of the unit. Dragging the unit vibration, the hazard is large, the vibration is within a certain range, the unit can run for a long time, when the vibration is too large, it will affect the safety of the unit so that the unit can not run, the turbine drive unit vibration is too large The possible hazards and serious consequences are as follows:

1. The joint of the drag unit is loose and the anchor screw is broken.

2. The second watering body of the machine base (Taiwan) is loose, and the foundation is cracked.

3. Turbine blade dynamic stress is too high and fatigue fracture.

4. The critical security device malfunctions.

5. The device in the circulation part is rubbed or worn; the excessive vibration of the steam turbine will cause the shaft seal and the radial steam seal to wear, and the steam seal gap will increase the leakage amount, thereby reducing the economy of the unit and increasing the rotor. Axial thrust. Excessive vibration causes the diaphragm seal to wear, which may cause bending of the main shaft in severe cases.

6. The sliding pin is worn. When the sliding pin is seriously worn, it affects the thermal expansion of the unit, which further causes serious accidents.

7. The bushing is broken and the fastening screw is loose and broken.

8. The generator rotor retaining ring is loosely worn, the slip ring is broken, and the electrical isolation edge is worn out, resulting in a short circuit to the ground.

9. Exciter commutator and its carbon brush wear and so on.

As can be seen from the above points, the vibration directly threatens the safe operation of the steam turbine drag unit. In addition, long-term vibration can also cause damage to the foundation and surrounding buildings. The noise generated by vibration is also harmful to the physiological and mental state of the operating personnel. Therefore, when the steam turbine dragging unit has been vibrating, the cause of the vibration should be found out in time and eliminated, and the steam turbine dragging unit must not be allowed to continue to operate under strong vibration.