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Importance of steam turbine renovation

The importance of steam turbine reconstruction

1) Due to the increasingly strict environmental protection policies of China and the provincial government, it is necessary to improve the energy consumption and emission reduction targets through the reform of steam turbines.

The steam turbines of No. 1, 2 and No. 3 were designed earlier. Due to the design concept, design technology and manufacturing processing capacity at that time, the efficiency of the flow through part of the unit was relatively low and the operating economy was poor. In addition, after years of operation, the aging of the unit also has a certain impact on the performance of the unit. Only through the energy-saving transformation of the flow-through part of the steam turbine can we resolve the pressure of the government's energy-saving and consumption-restricting indicators, and lay a good foundation for the completion of the provincial government's energy-saving indicators.

2) The implementation of energy-saving dispatching policy and the increase of coal-fired price make power plants only enhance their competitiveness through energy-saving renovation

As new power points continue to be put into operation, the contradiction between power supply and demand is gradually reduced. The energy-saving dispatch policy limits the power generation of high-burnage units and the increase in coal prices, which further increases the cost pressure of high-burnage units, and the production of coal-fired power generation enterprises. Development will be limited and the business situation will become very serious. In the face of fierce competition, only through energy-saving transformation, reducing consumption to enhance competitiveness, can we continue to gain market share, in order to survive and achieve sustainable development in the fierce market competition.

3) Eliminate safety defects in the unit through steam turbine retrofit and reduce operating and maintenance costs

Due to the overall design and manufacturing level at that time, some safety problems were exposed during the operation of the No. 1, 2, and 3 steam turbines. The deformation of the high and medium pressure internal cylinders, the leakage between the stages, the adjustment of the adjustment stage pressure, and the solid particles. Erosion and other phenomena are gradually appearing, which becomes a hidden danger of long-term safe and stable operation of the unit. Only by adopting mature steam turbine modification technology can the safety and stability problems of the unit be solved, the stability of the unit can be improved, and the operation and maintenance cost can be reduced.