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Difference between industrial steam turbine and power generation turbine

Industrial steam turbines are different from those driven by power generation turbines, so the specific structure of the two is quite different. Analysis of the differences between them will help the sales staff to better promote the project, and will also facilitate the users to better use industrial steam turbines and power generation turbines.

First, the steam turbine was mainly used in the power generation industry in China in the early years to drive generators. However, in recent years, with the deep development of China's large industrialization, industrial steam turbines have been widely used in China, such as feed pumps in large thermal power plants, various types of compressors in large chemical companies (such as syngas compressors, Air compressors, ammonia refrigeration compressors, etc., the drive power requirements of these large industrial equipment are getting larger and larger, the motor has been difficult to meet the requirements, and industrial steam turbines have begun to replace the electric motor as the source of power for driving these equipment. Industrial steam turbines have outstanding advantages such as large driving force, flexible speed regulation, and long-term continuous and stable operation. Moreover, the use of industrial steam turbines in large-scale chemical plants has the advantage of stable operation and no spark explosion-proof problems, such as large-scale chemical plants. Syngas compressors can be realized.

Second, the working principle of the steam turbine and the industrial steam turbine is the same, but because of the different equipment driven by the two, the operating conditions are also different, so there are some specific differences between the two. The difference between the two is as follows:

1. The obvious difference between the two is that the steam turbine is running at a constant speed when the grid is connected, and the speed is always 3000 rpm. Industrial steam turbines are often operated at variable speeds, with high speeds and tens of thousands of revolutions per minute.

2. Due to the high-speed operation of the industrial steam turbine, the size, volume and weight of the steam turbine can be reduced. According to the formula in "Kinematics and Dynamics", the torque work W=M×turn angle, if both sides of the equation are divided by time, then It becomes P = M × ω, which is the moment multiplied by the angular velocity. For industrial steam turbines and power generation turbines of the same power, if the angular velocity ω of the industrial steam turbine is larger than the angular velocity ω of the steam turbine rotation, because the torque of the industrial steam turbine is small, the radius of gyration of the turbine rotor can be much smaller, and the volume is of course Much smaller. Therefore, the size, volume and weight of the industrial steam turbine are smaller than those of the same power generating steam turbine, that is, the weight per unit of power can be reduced, which not only greatly reduces the manufacturing cost, but also improves the efficiency in the steam turbine.