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Turbine startup process and method

1. Why is startup an important stage in the operation of steam turbine equipment?

During the start-up of the steam turbine, the temperature difference, thermal stress and thermal deformation between the components are large. Most accidents of steam turbines occur at the start-up time. Due to incorrect warm-up conditions, the operator's misoperation and some defects in the structure of the equipment itself may cause accidents. Even if no direct accidents were formed at the time, the consequences would be bad in future production. influences. The operation of modern steam turbines shows cracks in cylinders, valve casings and pipes, bending of turbine rotors and cylinders, warpage of cylinder flange joints, slack in tight-fitting components, changes in metal structure, and increased bearing wear. And other anomalies exposed during the initial phase of operation are the direct consequences of poor quality.

2. What are the main changes related to the turbine's speed increase and load stage and the mechanical state of the turbine?

The main changes related to the speed-up and load-bearing stages of steam turbines and the mechanical state of steam turbines are:

(1) Stress is generated in pipes, cylinders, and valve housings due to internal pressure.

(2) Centrifugal stresses are generated on impellers, drums, buckets, bushings and other rotating components.

(3) Bending stresses are generated in the partition, impeller, vane and bucket.

(4) Due to the transfer torque to the generator rotor, tangential stress is generated on the turbine shaft.

(5) The rotor, rotor and other components of the turbine generate alternating stress due to vibration.

(6) The axial thrust acting on the thrust bearing occurs.

(7) Thermal expansion, thermal deformation and thermal stress caused by temperature rise of each component.

3. What are the three different stages of the turbine start-up operation?

The turbine start-up process can be divided into the following three stages:

(1) Start preparation phase.

(2) Rushing and speeding up to the rated speed stage.

(3) Generator grid connection and steam turbine with load phase.

4. What are the different ways of starting a steam turbine?

The starting process of the steam turbine is to accelerate the rotor from the state of static or cranking to the rated speed and bring the load to normal operation. According to different units and different situations, the starting of the steam turbine has different ways.

The new steam parameters according to the starting process are divided into: rated parameter starting and sliding parameter starting.

According to the cylinder temperature level before starting: cold start and hot start.

According to the steam inlet mode during the impulse: the steam inlet of the high and medium pressure cylinders and the steam inlet of the medium pressure cylinder.

The valve used to control the speed by impulse: adjust the valve start, automatic main valve start and electric main gate start and the main steam valve bypass door start.